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Weddings in India are synonymous with various customs and rituals. Indian Wedding customs and traditions are considered to be sacred affairs and observed with great reverence. These things are part of Indian tradition for a very long time and inherited over the generations. In recent times also these customs have not changed much but have adopted a new face with al its basic tenets. This thing adds an icing to the already beautiful cake of marriage.

Weddings in Jodhpur

The bright colors of rituals appear more scintillating on the occasion of weddings in Sun City Jodhpur. These are not only the city dwellers who come here to join each other in holy matrimony, but a large number of westerners with dream of fairytale weddings also arrive here to get hitched at various wedding venues in Jodhpur.

Situated in the western part of state of Rajasthan, the city boasts of a host of Jodhpur wedding venues which can play a host to your holy union for life. Most of them are former palaces which are beautifully transformed to its former glory with all luxurious amenities and thus displaying the better of two worlds. The great culture of hospitality blended with verve of sanctified bond becomes more explicit during holy matrimony in blue city.

The magnificent fort and palace of the city has been refurbished with all the luxury amenities to facilitate your nuptials as once the former kings did. These heritage wedding hotels in Jodhpur are new breed of hosts creating the same magic they did centuries ago. The famous wedding venues in Jodhpur are Ajit Bhavan, Ranbanka palace and Taj Hari Mahal palace where the bliss of weddings achieves a new high.
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